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PM Legal is New York and New Jersey’s most experienced provider of process service, investigations and court services.

Trust PM Legal for a single service or a customized program integrating related services that will maximize value and deliver a unique, efficient and cost-effective solution.

As the largest provider of these combined services, PM Legal investigates more than 5,000 cases, serves more than 130,000 legal documents and files more than 90,000 court documents every year. Nobody is more experienced or knows the courts better than PM Legal!

PM Legal was formed in 2016 when New York’s leading investigations firm, PM Investigations, changed its name and combined with other leading agencies. In 2018, it expanded into New Jersey by acquiring NJLS’s Process Service business.

What does PM stand for?

Many assume that our name means that we’ll work late into the night. And we will!

PM stands for Phil Mallor, who founded PM Investigations in 1981 and after three decades remains one of the most respected investigators in the industry. Phil continues to lead PM’s investigations division, while his son Ross Mallor oversees all of PM Legal.

While PM Legal offers a broader array of services, we have kept the PM in the name because it represents an idea: that we exceed client expectations when we each act as if PM Legal were our own company. Just like Phil, we will work into the night and do whatever it takes – constrained only by the law itself.


Why PM?

CUSTOM SERVICES - Programs can be tailored to the unique needs of your firm. PM is the expert at providing simplified and personalized services to advance cases efficiently and cost-effectively through your office and the court system.

TECHNOLOGY - Plaintiff and defense firms of all sizes trust PM to deliver an easy and efficient user experience. Our client website allows both creation of process service and court service orders and tracking every step of the way to completion.

COMPLIANCE - PM holds itself to the highest standards of professionalism. Our leadership team includes a compliance officer to ensure PM meets all legal and ethical standards in delivery of our services.



PRESS RELEASE - PM Makes strategic investment in SSAM ADR; President Ross Mallor joins board.

NEW PARTNERSHIP - SSAM adr is a boutique dispute resolution firm devoted to resolving cases of all types and complexities. From Neutral Selection, Training, Settlement Techniques and Programs to the Physical and Cognitive Resolution Environment, its quest and commitment is to provide exceptional services, space and culture in a company that seeks to deliver unparalleled results and an exemplary experience. PM Legal is partnered with SSAM to provide integrated access to ADR solutions.

WINNER - PM Legal has been noted by Law Journal readers as superb in all categories: investigations, process service, and attorney services.

ONLINE - View your process service and court service orders online.

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